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Low-noise synthesizer of the Radiocomp LLC with a frequency range up to 20 GHz

16 September 2019. Low-noise synthesizer of the Radiocomp LLC with a frequency range up to 20 GHz


SignalCore's New Signal Generator

30 August 2019. SignalCore's New Signal Generator


We invite you on August 6, 2019 to the International Workshop on Signal Generation and Frequency Synthesis SGFS-2019

21 May 2019."Learn more about the "International Workshop on Signal Generation and Frequency Synthesis SGFS-2019"

The "Radiocomp" LLC took part in the exhibition "ExpoElectronica-2019"

22 April 2019. The "Radiocomp" LLC took part in the exhibition "ExpoElectronica-2019"


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Manufacturers of Radio Components and Equipment Worldwide Wireless Standards Radio Bands
Relationship between Return Loss and SWR Relationship between dBm, V and W Resistance Values for T- and π-type Attenuators (50 Ohm Circuit)

Manufacturers of Radio Components and Equipment Worldwide
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9CO www.9co.com
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A.J. Tuck Company www.ajtuckco.com
A.T. Wall www.atwall.com
AA Microwave Components Systems mcs.braggcell.com
A-Alpha Waveguide www.a-alphawaveguide.com
ABACOM Technologies Incorporated www.abacom-tech.com
ABB CONTROL www.abb.com
Abracon Corporation www.abracon.com
Absopulse Electronics Limited www.absopulse.com
AC Photonics Incorporated www.acphotonics.com
Accubeat Limited www.accubeat.com
Accumet Engineering Corporation www.accumet.com
ACE Semiconductor Company Limited www.acesemi.com.cn/PROFILE-e.htm
ACKSYS Communications & Systems www.acksys.fr
ACQIRIS www.acqiris.com
Actel www.actel.com
Actipass Company Limited www.actipass.koreasme.com
Active Spectrum Incorporated www.asimicrowave.com
ADC Tech International Limited (Tyco Electronics Corporation) www.adckrone.com
Adhesives Research Incorporated www.adhesivesresearch.com
Advanced Control Components www.advanced-control.com
Advanced Conversion Technology Incorporated www.actpower.com
Advanced Crystal Technology www.actcrystals.com
Advanced Hardware Architectures www.aha.com
Advanced Microtek (Link Microtek Limited) www.linkmicrotek.com
Advanced Microwave Incorporated www.advmic.com
Advanced Power Conversion PLC www.apcuk.com
Advanced Power Technology (Microsemi Corporation) www.microsemi.com
Advanced Semiconductor Incorporated www.advancedsemiconductor.com
Advanced Switch Technology Incorporated www.astswitch.com
Advanced Technical Ceramics Company www.adtechceramics.com
Advanced Technical Materials Incorporated www.atmmicrowave.com
Advanced Wireless Technologies Incorporated www.advancedwirelesstechnologies.net
Advantech Wireless www.advantechwireless.com
AEI Semiconductor Limited (Dynex Semiconductor) www.dynexsemi.com
Aerocomm Company Limited www.aerocommthailand.com
Aeroflex Corporation www.aeroflex.com
Aeroflex Metelics www.metelics.com
Aerotech Incorporated www.aerotech.com
Aerowave Incorporated www.aerowave.net
Aethercomm Incorporated www.aethercomm.com
Agilent www.home.agilent.com
AKON Incorporated www.akoninc.com
Alan Industries www.alanindustries.com
Albacom Limited www.albacom.co.uk
Alcatel - Lucent Technologies www.alcatel-lucent.com
Aldetec Incorporated www.aldetec.com
Allegro Microsystems Incorporated www.allegromicro.com
Alliance Semiconductor www.alsc.com
ALLRIZON Communications Corporation (Kaelus) www.allrizon-china.com
Alpha& Omega Semiconductor www.aosmd.com
Alphatron Marine Parts www.alphatronmarineparts.com
ALPS www.alps.com
Altec Electronics AG www.altec-ag.ch
Altech Corporation www.altechcorp.com
Altera Corporation www.altera.com
Amcom Communications Incorporated www.amcomusa.com
AmerAmp www.ameramp.com
American Micro Devices www.amd.com
American Microsystems Incorporated(On Semiconductor) www.onsemi.com
American Microwave Corporation www.americanmic.com
American Technical Ceramics Corporation www.atceramics.com
AMI Semiconductor www.amis.com
AMIDON Associates www.amidoncorp.com
Amitron Incorporated www.amitron.com
AML Communications Incorporated (Microsemi Corporation) www.microsemi.com
AML Microtechnique Lorraine www.aml-microtec.com
AMP (Tyco Electronics Corporation) www.te.com
Amphenol RF www.amphenolrf.com
Amplical Corporation www.amplical.com
Amplidyne Incorporated www.amplidyneco.com
Amplifier Research www.ar-amps.com
Amplifier Solution Corporation www.amplifiersolutions.com
Amplifier Technology Limited www.amplifiertechnology.com
Amplifonix (Spectrum Microwave Incorporated) www.spectrummicrowave.com
Amplitech Incorporated www.amplitechinc.com
Amplitronix www.amplitronix.com
Amplus Communications Pte Limited www.amplus.com.sg
Amtel www.amtel.com
Anacom (Fiber Span) www.anacomsystems.com
ANACON Incorporated www.anacominc.com
ANADIGICS www.anadigics.com
Analog Devices Incorporated www.analog.com
Anaren Microwave Incorporated www.anaren.com
ANATECH Electronics Incorporated www.anatechelectronics.com
Andersen Laboratories Incorporated www.andersonlabs.com
Andrew Corporation (Commscope Incorporated) www.commscope.com
Anritsu Wiltron www.anritsu.com
Ansoft www.ansoft.com
ANT Bosch Telecom www.bosch.de
Antelope Valley Microwave Incorporated www.avmicrowave.com
Antenna Factor www.antennafactor.com
Antenova www.antenova.com
AnyDATA Incorporated www.anydata.com
APA Wireless Technologies www.apawireless.com
Apex Microtechnology(Cirrus Logic) www.cirrus.com/en
Apex Wireless Incorporated www.apexwireless.com
API Delevan www.delevan.com/web
APLAC Solutions Incorporated (AWR Corporation) web.awrcorp.com
Applied Engineering Products www.aepconnectors.com
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation www.amcc.com
Applied Radio Laboratories www.radio-labs.com
AR Worldwide modular RF www.arww-modularrf.com
ARC Technologies Incorporated www.arc-tech.com
Aries Electronics www.arieselec.com
Arlon Materials For Electronics www.arlon-med.com
ARRA Incorporated www.arra.com
Artesyn Technologies www.artisantechnologies.info
Associated Company Technology www.act1.com
Astec Standard Power (Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions Incorporated) www.emersonconnectivity.com
Astra Microwave Products Limited www.astraproducts.com
Astrolab Incorporated www.astrolab.com
ASTRON Wireless Technologies Incorporated www.astronwireless.com
Atheros Communications (Qualcomm Incorporated) www.qca.qualcomm.com
ATIM Radiocommunications www.atim.com
Atlantec www.atlantecrf.com
Atlantic Microwave Limited www.amrf.co.uk
Atmel Corporation www.atmel.com
AUDIOTEL The Wireless Technology (SMS & Co Messaging Systems) www.smsco.it
Aura Systems Incorporated www.aurasystems.com
Aurel Microelectronics www.aurel.it
Automation Sensorik Messtechnik GmbH www.asm-sensor.de
Avago Technologies www.avagotech.com
Avantek Pte Limited www.avantek.com.sg
Avtech Electrosystems Limited www.avtechpulse.com
AVX Corporation www.avx.com
Aydin Telemetry (L-3 Telemetry East) www.telemetryproducts.com
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B&Z Technologies www.Bnztech.com
BANNER ENGINEERING www.bannerengineering.com
Barry Industries Incorporated www.barryind.com
BC Components (Vishay Intertechnology) www.bccomponents.com
BeckElec www.beckelec.com
Bel Fuse Incorporated www.belfuse.com
Berkeley Varitronics Systems www.bvsystems.com
BETA Transformer Technology Corporation www.bttc-beta.com
Betatherm Sensors (Measurement Specialties) www.meas-spec.com
BethelTronix Incorporated www.betheltronix.com
Bird Technologies Group www.bird-technologies.com
BittWare Incorporated www.bittware.com
Bliley Technologies Incorporated www.bliley.com
BlueChip Communication AS www.bluechipcommunication.com.au
BOMAR Interconnect Products Incorporated www.bomarinterconnect.com
Bookham JCA www.bookhamjca.com
Bourns Incorporated www.bourns.com
Bowei Integrated Circuits Company Limited www.cn-bowei.com
Bree Engineering www.breeeng.com
BrightCom Technologies Limited www.brightcom.com
Broadband Wireless Technologies www.bwt-amps.com
Broadcom Corporation www.broadcom.com
BroadWave Technologies Incorporated www.broadwavetechnologies.com
BRODERSEN www.brodersencontrols.com
BrooktreeCorporation (Conexant Systems Incorporated) www.conexant.com
BSC Filters www.bscfilters.com
Buehler Motor Group www.buehlermotor.com
Burr-Brown (Texas Instruments Incorporated) www.burr-brown.com
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C&D Technologies Incorporated www.cdtechno.com
Caddock Electronics Incorporated www.caddock.com
Calex Electronics Limited www.calex.co.uk
California Eastern Laboratories www.cel.com
Cambridge Silicon Radio www.csr.com
CAP Wireless Incorporated www.capwireless.com
Capacitec www.capacitec.com
Cardinal Components Incorporated www.cardinalxtal.com
Carling Technologies www.carlingtech.com
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies www.carlisleit.com
CDE Cornell Dubilier www.cde.com
Celduc Group www.celduc.com
Celeritec Incorporated (M/A-COM Technology Solution) www.celeritek.com
Celerity Systems www.celerity.com
Celltronik Microwave www.celltronik.com
Cellular Specialties Incorporated www.cellularspecialties.com
Centellax Limited www.centellax.com
Central Semiconductor Corporation www.centralsemi.com
Centurion Wireless Technologies www.cellularspecialties.com
CERNEX Incorporated www.cernex.com
CES Wireless Technologies Incorporated www.ceswireless.com
Champion Technologies www.champtech.com
Channel Microwave Corporation www.channelmicrowave.com
Charter Engineering Incorporated www.ceiswitches.com
Chelton Microwave www.cheltoniws.com
Chengdu A-Info Incorporated www.ainfoinc.com
Cherry Semiconductor Corporation www.cherrycorp.com
CHIN NAN Presicion Electronics Company Limited www.chinnan.com.tw
Chipcon Components (Texas Instruments Incorporated) www.chipcon.com
Chu JHI Electronics Company Limited www.chujhi.com.tw
Ciao Wireless Incorporated www.ciaowireless.com
Cirronet www.cirronet.com
Cirrus Logic www.cirrus.com
CITEL Protection Incorporated www.citelprotection.com
ClearComm Technologies Incorporated www.clearcommtech.com
C-MAC MicroTechnology www.cmac.com
CML International www.cmlinternational.com
Cobham www.cobham.com
Coev Magnetics/Tyco Electronics www.coev.net
Coilcraft Incorporated www.coilcraft.com
Coiltronics www.cooperet.com
Colby Instruments www.colbyinstruments.com
Coleman Microwave Company www.colemanmw.com
COM DEV International Limited www.comdevintl.com
Cometel S.R.L www.cometel.it
Commercial Microwave Technology www.cmtfilters.com
Communication Solutions Incorporated (Rockwell Collins) www.comsol-inc.com
Communication Techniques Incorporated (Herley Industries Incorporated) www.herley.com
Communications & Power Industries Limited www.cpii.com
Comnav Engineering www.comnav-eng.com
Compac Development Corporation www.compac-rf.com
Compel Electronics Incorporated www.compel.it
Compex Corporation www.compexcorp.com
Component General Incorporated www.componentgeneral.com
COMPRO Electronic GmbH www.compro-electronic.de
Comtech PST Corporation www.comtechpst.com
Conexant Systems Incorporated www.conexant.com
Connecticut Microwave Corporation www.connecticutmicrowave.com
Connor – Winfield Corporation www.conwin.com
Consumer Microcircuits Limited www.cmlmicro.co.uk
Copley Controls Corporation www.copleycontrols.com
Corcom (CLL Technologies) www.corcom.com
Cornell Dubilier Incorporated www.cde.com
Corning Frequency Control www.corningfrequency.com
Corning Gilbert Incorporated www.corning.com
Cosel Company Limited www.coselusa.com
Coto Technology www.cotorelay.com
Cougar Components www.cougarcorp.com
Coventor www.coventor.com
Crane Aerospace & Electronics www.craneae.com
Credowan Limited www.credowan.com
Cree Incorporated www.cree.com
Cross Technologies Incorporated www.crosstechnologies.com
Crystal Semiconductor Corporation www.crystal.com
Crystek Crystals Corporation www.crystek.com
CT Industries www.ctindustries.com
CTI Industries Incorporated www.ctiind.com
CTS Corporation (Reeves-Hoffman/CTS Reeves) www.ctscorp.com
CTT Incorporated www.cttinc.com
Cuming Microwave Corporation www.cumingcorp.com
Current RF www.currentrf.com
Cushcraft Corporation (Laird Technologies) www.cushcraft.com
Custom Microwave Components www.customwave.com
Cybernetics InfoTech Incorporated CYBIT www.cybit.com
CYGNAL Integrated Products (Silicon Laboratories Incorporated) www.silabs.com
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation www.cypress.com
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Dage Corporation www.dage.com
Daico Industries Incorporated www.daico.com
Dallas Semiconductor (Maxim Integrated Products) www.maxim-ic.com
Danam Communications www.danam.co.kr
Data Delay Devices Incorporated www.datadelay.com
Data Device Corporation www.ddc-web.com
Datalogic S.P.A. www.datalogic.com
Datatronics www.datatronics.com
DATEL www.datel.com
Datum Systems Incorporated www.datumsystems.com
Davicom Semiconductor Incorporated www.davicom.com.tw
David Sarnoff Research Center www.sarnoff.com
DB Products Incorporated www.dbprod.com
dBm Corporation www.dbmcorp.com
DBP Microwave (Ducomnun Technologies Incorporated) www.dbp4switches.com
Decibel Products (Commscope Incorporated) www.commscope.com
Delf MEMS www.delfmems.com
Delphi Components Incorporated (Aura Systems Incorporated) www.aurasystems.com
Delta Electronics Manufacturing Company www.deltarf.com
Delta Microwave www.deltamicrowave.com
Delta Precision Motors DPM www.dpmotor.com
Delta RF Technology Incorporated www.drft.com
DELTRON Incorporated www.deltroninc.com
Densei Lambda Corporation www.tdk-lambda.com
Densitron Technologies Limited www.densitron.com
DEUBLIN www.deublin.ru
Dialog Semiconductor GMBH www.diasemi.com
Diamond Antenna www.diamondantenna.net
Diamond Antenna and Microwave Corporation www.diamondantenna.com
Dickson www.dicksonweb.com
Dielectric Laboratories Incorporated www.dilabs.com
Digital Electronic Siegfried Lehrer GmbH www.digitallehrer.de
Digital Voice System Incorporated www.dvsinc.com
Dinkle www.dinkle.com
Diotec Electronics www.diotec.com
Directed Energy Incorporated (IXYS Colarado) www.directedenergy.com
Discovery Semiconductors Incorporated www.chipsat.com
DITOM Microwave Incorporated www.ditom.com
Diversitronix Wireless (Renaissance Electronics Incorporated) www.rec-usa.com
DJB Instruments www.djb-instruments.com
Dolphin www.dolphinics.no
Dorado International Corporation www.dorado-intl.com
Dow–Key Microwave Corporation www.dowkey.com
Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Company KG www.faulhaber-group.com
Druck Limited glanfordelectronics.com/druck.html
Ducomnun Technologies Incorporated www.ducommun.com/dti
DuPont Microcircuit Materials www2.dupont.com
DWYER Instruments Incorporated www.dwyer-inst.com
Dyna Vision Products www.dynavision.tv
Dynatech Microwave Technology Incorporated www.ductech.com
Dynawave Incorporated www.dynawave.com
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E2V Technologies www.e2v.com
EADS www.eads.com/eads/int/en.html
Eagleware Corporation (Agilent Technologies) www.home.agilent.com
Eastern Air Devices Incorporated (Servo Systems Company) www.servosystems.com
Eastern Wireless Telecomm Incorporated www.ewtfilters.com
Echelon www.echelon.com
Ecliptek Corporation www.ecliptek.com
ECM Electronics Limited www.ecmelectronics.co.uk
ECS Embedded Communications Systems www.embeddedcomms.com.au
ECS Incorporated www.ecsxtal.com
Edmund Scientific Company www.edmondsci.com
EEV (E2V Technology) www.e2v.com
EIC Corporation www.eiccorp.com
Elantec Semiconductor (Intersil Americans Incorporated) www.intersil.com
ELAU(Schneider Electric) www2.schneider-electric.com
Elcom Systems Incorporated www.elcomsystems.com
Elcom Technologies Incorporated www.elcom-tech.com
Electromagnetic Technologies Incorporated www.emtcork.biz
Electronic Assembly Gmbh www.electronic-assembly.de
Electronic Laser System GMBH www.highfinesse.com
Elektronicstalk www.electronics-talk.com
Elettrotec www.elettrotec.it
Elisra Electronic Systems Limited www.mw-elisra.com
ELMACOM(Sematron Group) www.elmacom.com
elobau Electrobauelemente GmbH &Co KG www.elobau.com
ELVEES R&D Center elvees.ru
EM Microelectronic www.emmicroelectronic.com
EM Research Incorporated www.emresearch.com
EMC Technology Incorporated www.emc-rflabs.com
EMCO High Voltage Corporation www.emcohighvoltage.com
EMCore Corporation www.emcore.com
Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions Incorporated www.emersonconnectivity.com
EMF Systems Incorporated (Spectrum Control Incorporated) www.spectrumcontrol.com
Emhiser Micro-Tech www.emhiser.com/vco
Emhiser Tele-Tech Incorporated www.tele-tech-rf.com
EMI Filter Company www.emifiltercompany.com
Empower RF Systems Incorporated www.empowerrf.com
Emulation Technology Incorporated www.emulation.com
Endevco Corporation www.endevco.com
Enon Microwave www.enonmicrowave.com
EPCOS Electronic Parts &Components (AG) www.epcos.com
EPSON Electronics GmbH www.epson-electronics.de
EPX Microwave Incorporated www.epxmicrowave.com
Ericsson Microelectronics www.ericsson.com/rfpower
ES Microwave Limited www.esmicrowave.com
ESM Cable Corporation www.esmcablecorp.com
ET Industries www.etiworld.com
E-Tec Interconnect www.e-tec.ch/v3
Eudyna Devices Incorporated www.eudyna.com
European Antennas www.european-antennas.co.uk
Europeene de Telecommunications S. A. www.etsa.fr
EuropTest www.noisext.com
Euroquartz Limited www.euroquartz.co.uk
Eurotron Instruments S.p.A www.eurotron.com
Evox Rifa www.evoxrifa.com
Exar Corporation www.exar.com
Excellics Semiconductor Incorporated www.excelics.com
Eyal Microwave www.eyal-microwave.com
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Fairchild www.fairchildsemi.com
Faraday Technology Limited www.faradaytech.com
Farran Technology Limited www.farran.com
FAULHABER www.faulhaber.com
FDK Corporation www.fdk.com
FerriShield www.ferrishield.com
Ferrite Domen Company www.domen.ru
Fiber Optic Communications Incorporated www.foci.com.tw
Fiber Span www.anacomsystems.com
Filtel Microwave Incorporated www.filtel.com
Filter Networks Incorporated www.curtisind.com
Filtran Micronetics Incorporated www.filtran.com
Filtronetics Incorporated www.filtro.net
Filtronic Solid State (Teledyne Electronic Technologies Incorporated) www.teledyne.com
Finisar www.finisar.com
First Source Incorporated www.firstsourceinc.com
First Technology www.firsttech.co.za
Fischer Electronik GMBH (Германия) www.fischerelektronik.de
Flann Microwave Limited www.flann.com
FLEXCO Microwave Incorporated www.flexcomw.com
FLINT www.flint.co.uk
Florida RF Laboratories www.emc-rflabs.com
Focus MW Incorporated www.focus-microwaves.com
FOQ Piezo Technik www.foq.ch
Fordahl Group www.fordahl.ch
FOX Electronics www.foxonline.com
Freescale Semiconductor Incorporated www.freescale.com
Frequency & Time Systems Incorporated (Datum Systems Incorporated) www.datumsystems.com
Frequency Electronics Incorporated (FEI) www.freqelec.com
Frequency Management www.frequencymanagement.com
Fronter Electronics www.chinafronter.com
Frontier Electronics Incorporated www.frontierusa.com
Frontier Silicon www.frontier-silicon.com
FSY Microwave Incorporated www.fsymicrowave.com
Fujitsu Microelectronics Incorporated www.fujitsu.com/us/services/edevices/microelectronics
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GaAsTEK www.gaastek.com
GEC Marconi (Ericsson Corporation) www.ericsson.com
GEC Plessey (Zarlink Semiconductor Incorporated) www.zarlink.com
GEFRAN www.gefran.com
General Microwave Corporation (Herley Industries Incorporated) www.herley.com
GEORGIN www.georgin.com
Geyer Electronic www.geyer-electronic.com
GGB Industres Incorporated www.picoprobe.com
GHz Technology www.ghz.com
GigaBaudics Electronic Instrumentation www.gigabaudics.com
Giga-tronics www.gigatronics.com
GigoOptix Incorporated (EndWave Corporation) www.gigoptix.com
GILL Technologies www.gilltechnology.co.uk
Gilland Electronics Incorporated www.gilland.com
Gillman www.gillman.com
Gilway Technical Lamp (International Light Technology) www.gilway.com
Global Communication Semiconductors www.gcsincorp.com
Golledge Electronics Limited www.golledge.co.uk
Gore www.gore.com
Gowanda Electronics Corporation www.gowanda.com
Gray Chip (Texas Instruments Incorporated) www.ti.com
Greenray Industries Incorporated www.greenrayindustries.com
GT Microwave Incorporated www.gtmicrowave.com
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Hakuto America Incorporated www.hakuto.co.jp/english/products
Hakuto America-JL World Corporation Limited www.hakuto.co.jp/english/products
Halo Electronics Incorporated www.haloelectronics.com
Hans Turck GmbH www.turck.com
Harris Semiconductor www.harris.com
Haverhill Cable & Manufacturing Corporation www.haverhillcable.com
HBM www.hbm.com
HD Communication www.hdcom.com
HEI Incorporated www.heii.com
HENGSTLER www.hengstler.com
Herotek Incorporated www.herotek.com
Hewlett Packard www.hp.com
Hexawave Incorporated www.hw.com.tw
Highland Technology Incorporated www.highlandtechnology.com
Hirose Electric Group www.hirose.com
Hitachi hitachi.com
Hitachi Metals America Limited www.hitachimetals.com
HiTek Power www.hitekpower.com
Hittite Microwave Corporation www.hittite.com
Holtek Microelectronics Incorporated www.holtek.com
Honeywell International Incorporated www.honeywell.com
HOSONIC www.hosonic.com
HTA Industries Limited www.htagroup.co.uk
Huber+Suhner www.hubersuhner.com
Hxi Millimeter Wave Products www.hxi.com
Hypertronics Corporation www.hypertronics.com
Hy-Q International Limited www.hy-q.com
Hyundai Electronic Industries Company www.hey.co.kr
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IBM Microelectronics Division www.ibm.com
IC Works (Cypress Semiconductor) www.cypress.com
ICPDAS-Europe GmbH www.icpdas-europe.com
IFI (Instruments For Industry) www.ifi.com
IFM Electronic www.ifm-electronic.com
IFR Systems (Aeroflex Corporation) www.aeroflex.com
ILLINOIS CAPACITORS Incorporated www.illcap.com
ILSI America Limited www.ilsiamerica.com
IMS (International Manufacturing Services Incorporated) www.ims-resistors.com
IMST www.imst.de
Infineon Technologies www.infineon.com
Infinity Sales www.infinitysales.com
Information Storage Devices Incorporated (Nuvoton Technology Incorporated) www.isd.com
Inmet Corporation (Aeroflex Corporation) www.inmetcorp.com
InnoCOMM Wireless www.innocomm.com
Innovative Micro Technology www.imtmems.com
Innovative Power Products Incorporated www.innovativepp.com
Innovative Sensor Technology www.ist-ag.ch
Inphi Corporation www.inphi.com
Instronics Incorporated www.instronics.com
Instruments for Industry Incorporated www.ifi.com
Insulated Wire Incorporated www.insulatedwire.com
Intarsia Corporation www.intarsiainc.com
INTEGRA TECHNOLOGIES Incorporated www.integratech.com
Integrated Device Technology Incorporated/IDT Industires www.idt.com
Integrated Microwave www.imcsd.com
Integrated System Technology www.istserve.com
Intel www.intel.com
Intelligente Sensorsysteme Dresden GmbH www.i2s-sensors.de
Interad Limited www.interadlimitedllc.com
Interconnect Incorporated www.interconnectgroup.com
Intergrated Microwave www.imcsd.com
International Crystal Manufacturing Company Incorporated www.icmfg.com
International Manufacturing Services Incorporated www.ims-resistors.com
International Power Devices Incorporated www.chargersdirect.com
International Rectifier Company www.irf.com
Interpoint www.interpoint.com
Interquip Electronics Limited www.interquip.com
Intersil Corporation www.intersil.com
IPG Photonics Corporation www.ipgphotonics.com
IQD Crystals www.cmac.com/mt/databook
IRC Advanced Film Division www.irctt.com
Isola www.isola-group.com
Istary Design Incorporated www.istary-design.com
ITALCOPPIE www.italcoppie.it
ITS Electronics Incorporated www.itselectronics.com
ITT Corporation www.ittcannon.com
ITT Exelis www.exelisinc.com
ITT GTC www.gaastek.com
ITT Industries www.ittmicrowave.com
ITT Ponoma www.ittpomona.com
ITW Paktron www.paktron.com
Ixthos Incorporated www.ixthos.com
IXYS Corporation www.ixys.com
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J. W. Miller Magnetics (Bourns Incorporated) www.bourns.com
Jacket Micro Devices Incorporated www.jacketmicro.com
Jameco Electronics www.jameco.com
JAN Crystals www.jancrystals.com
Jauch Quartz GmbH www.jauch.de
Jay Electronique www.jay-electronique.fr
Jay-El/DMT Incorporated www.jldmt.com
JCA Technology Incorporated www.jcatech.com
JEBSEE Electronics Company www.jebsee.com.tw
Jersey Microwave Limited www.jerseymicrowave.com
JFW Industries Incorporated www.jfwindustries.com
Johanson Mfg Corporation www.johansonmfg.com
JQL Electronics Incorporated www.jqlelectronics.com
JSB Service Company Limited www.jsbservice.com
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K&L Microwave www.klmicrowave.com
KALMUS (AR Modular RF) www.arkalmus.com
KAMAN Sciences Corporation www.itt.com
Kamaya Incorporated www.kamaya.com
KANTHAL GLOBAR www.globar.com
Kathrein Incorporated. Scala Division www.kathrein-scala.com
Kay Elemetric www.kayelemetrics.com
KDI www.kditriangle.com
Keithley www.keithley.de
KEL COM (K&L Microwave) www.klmicrowave.com/kelcom.php
Kinetic Systems Incorporated www.kineticsystems.com
Kingbright Electronic www.kingbright.com
KINSUN INDUSTRIES Incorporated www.kinsun.com
KMIC Technology Incorporated www.kmictech.com
KMW Microwave Incorporated www.kmwinc.com
KNOWLES ACOUSTICS www.knowles.com
KNOX Semiconductor www.knoxsemiconductor.com
KOA Europe GMBH www.koaeurope.de
KOA Speer Electronics Incorporated www.koaspeer.com
Koaxis Incorporated www.koaxis.com
Koninklijke Philips Electronics www.usa.philips.com
Kopin Corporation www.kopin.com
Korea First Microwave Company Limited www.korfirst.com
Korea Sangshin Electric Company Limited www.koreasangshin.com
KoSpace Company Limited www.kospace.com
KR Electronics Incorporated www.krfilters.com
KRYTAR www.krytar.com
KS Electronics LLC www.kselectronics.com
KVG Quartz Crystal Technology GmbH www.kvg-gmbh.de
KW Microwave Corporation www.kwmicrowave.com
Kyocera International Incorporated (Kyocera America) www.americas.kyocera.com
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L.S. Research Incorporated www.lsr.com
L-3 Communications Incorporated www.l-3com.com
Labtech Limited www.labtechcircuits.com
Laipac Technology Incorportated www.laipac.com
Laird Technologies www.lairdtech.com
LAMBDA www.lambdapower.com
Lamina www.laminaceramics.com
Land Instruments International www.landinst.com
Lantronic B.V. www.lantronic.com
Lark Engineering Corporation www.larkengineering.com
Laser Components www.lasercomponents.com
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation www.latticesemi.com
Laube Technology www.laube.com
LCF Enterprices www.lcfamps.com
Lemos International www.lemosint.com
Lexor Electron Laboratories www.lexor.co.uk
LinCom www.lincom-asg.com
Linear Technology www.linear.com
Link Microtek Limited www.linkmicrotek.com
Linking People and Technology (LNX) www.linkedtechnologies.com/Pages/index.aspx
Linwave Technology www.linwave.co.uk/products
Linx Technologies www.linxtechnologies.com
Lite-On Incorporated www.liteon.com
Littlefuse www.littlefuse.com
Lockheed Martin Company www.lockheedmartin.com
Logus Microwave Corporation www.logusmicrowave.com
LORCH Microwave www.lorch.com
Low Power Radio Solutions www.wireless-radio.org
LPKF www.lpkf.ru
Lucent Technologies www.lucent.com/micro
Lucix Corporation www.lucix.com
Luff Research Incorporated www.luffresearch.com
Lumex Incorporated www.lumex.com
Luna Microwaves Incorporated www.lunamw.com
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M Pulse Microwave www.mpulsemw.com
M/A-COM Technology Solution www.macomtech.com
M2 Global Technology Limited www.m2global.com
Macronix International Company www.macronix.com
Magfusion Incorporated www.magfusion.com
Magnetics Of North America www.mnacorp.com
Magnetrol www.magnetrol.com
Marconi (Caswell Technology) www.marconi.com
Marki Microwave Incorporated www.markimicrowave.com
Martek Power www.martekpower.com
MARVELL www.marvell.com
Mascot www.mascot.no
Master Bond Incorporated www.masterbond.com
MathWorks Incorporated www.mathworks.com
Matrix Systems www.matrixsystems.com
Matsushita Electric [Works] www.naisrelay.com
Maury Microwave Corporation www.maurymw.com
Max Stream www.maxstream.net
MAXIM Integrated Products www.maxim-ic.com
Maxtek Components www.component-solutions.tek.com
Maxwell Technologies www.maxwell.com
MCCI Corporation www.mcci.com
MCE Technologies Limited www.mcetech.com
MCL Incorporated www.mcl.com
McLennan Servo Supplies Limited www.mclennan.co.uk
MEC www.mec.dk
MECA Electronics Incorporated www.e-meca.com
Mechanical Engineering Sciences www.mesl-inc.com
Meder Electronic Incorporated www.meder.com
Mega Phase www.megaphase.com
Melexis www.melexis.com
Memsic www.memsic.com
MEMtronics www.memtronics.com
Mercatus International Marketing www.mercatusinternational.com
Mercury United Electronics Incorporated www.mercury-crystal.com
Meret Optical Communications www.meretoptical.com
Merrimac Industries Incorporated www.merrimacind.com
MESL Microwave Limited www.meslmicrowave.com
METCLAD www.metcladinternational.com
Meterdrive meterdrive.vectral.fr
Metuchen Capacitors Incorporated www.metcaps.com
MI Technologies www.mi-technologies.com
MICA Microwave Corporation www.mica-mw.com
Micrel Incorporated (Officine Galileo S.p.A.) www.micrel.com
Micro analog systems www.mas-oy.com
Micro Crystal www.microcrystal.com
Micro Lambda Limited www.microlambda.com
Micro Lambda Wireless Incorporated www.microlambdawireless.com
Micro Metalsmiths Limited www.micrometalsmiths.com
Micro Metrics (Aeroflex Corporation) www.micrometrics.com
Micro Networks Andersen Laboratories (Spectrum Microwave Incorporated) www.spectrummicrowave.com
Micro Pulse www.micropulse.com
Micro Substrates Corporation www.microsubstrates.com
Micro Technic A-S micro-technic.com
Micro-Chem Incorporated www.microcheminc.com
Microchip www.microchip.com
Micro-COAX www.micro-coax.com
Micro-Epsilon www.micro-epsilon.com
MicroKim www.microkim.com
Microlab/FXR www.microlab.fxr.com
Micron Communications Incorporated www.micron.com
Micronetics Incorporated www.micronetics.com
Micronetics Noise Products www.micronetics.com/RF_Components/Noise_Source_Products.html
Microphase Corporation www.microphase.com
MicroPower Direct www.micropowerdirect.com
Micro-Precision Technologies Incorporated www.micropt.com
Microsemi Corporation www.microsemi.com
Microsource Incorporated (Giga-tronics Incorporated) www.gigatronics.com
Microtech Incorporated www.microtech-inc.com
MICRO-TRONICS www.micro-tronics.com
Microwave & Video Systems Incorporated www.mwireless.com
Microwave Amplifiers Limited www.maltd.com/products
Microwave Applications Group www.magsmx.com
Microwave Circuits Incorporated www.diplexers.com
Microwave Communication Laboratories Incorporated www.mcli.com
Microwave Concepts Incorporated www.micro-con.com
Microwave DB www.microwavedb.com
Microwave Development Laboratories www.mdllab.com
Microwave Device Technology Corporation (Microsemi Corporation) www.microsemi.com
Microwave Devices Incorporated www.mwdevices.com
Microwave Distributors Company www.microwavedistributors.com
Microwave Dynamics Incorporated www.microwave-dynamics.com
Microwave Filter Company Incorporated www.microwavefilter.com
Microwave Innovations www.mwaveinnov.com
Microwave Photonic System Incorporated www.b2bphotonics.com
Microwave Power Devices Incorporated www.mpd.com
Microwave Power Incorporated www.microwavepower.com
Microwave Resources Incorporated www.microwaveresourcesinc.com
Microwave Solutions Incorporated www.microwavesolutions.com
Microwave Support Systems www.mssna.com
Microwave Technical Solutions (Teledyne Technologies Incorporated) www.teledyne.com
Microwave Technology Incorporated www.mwtinc.com
Mid-Atlantic RF Systems Incorporated www.midatlanticrf.com
Midisco www.microwavedistributors.com/midisco
Midwest Microwave (Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions Incorporated) www.emersonconnectivity.com
Migatron Corporation www.migatron.com
Millimeter Wave Technology Incorporated www.mwt-materials.com
Millitech Incorporated www.millitech.com
Milmega Limited www.milmega.co.uk
Mimix Broadband Incorporated (M/A-COM Technology Solution) www.macomtech.com
Minibea Company Limited www.minebea.co.jp/english
Mini-Circuits www.minicircuits.com
Minimotor www.minimotor.it
Mini-Systems Incorporated www.mini-systemsinc.com
Mitec Telecom www.mitectelecom.com
Mitel Semiconductor (Zarlink Semiconductor Incorporated) www.mitel.com
Miteq Incorporated www.miteq.com
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation www.mitsubishielectric.com/semiconductors
Mm-Tech Incorporated www.mm-tech.com
MOBILE MARK www.mobilemark.com
Modco Incorporated www.modcoinc.com
Molex Incorporated www.molex.com
Monitran Limited www.monitran.com
Moore Clayton & Company Incorporated (MCC Global Incorporated) www.mccglobal.com
Mosel Vitelic Incorporated www.moselvitelic.com
Motorola Incorporated www.motorola.com
MRV Communications Incorporated www.mrv.com
MTI Milliren Technologies Incorporated www.mti-milliren.com
M-tron Industries Incorporated www.mtron.com
MtronPTI www.mtronpti.com
Mu-Del Electronics Incorporated www.mu-del.com
Murata Manufacturing Company Limited www.murata.com
MUTECH Corporation www.mutech.com
MWTG Telecom www.mwtgtelecom.com
MX Comm Incorporated www.mxcom.com
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Nanowave Technologies Incorporated www.nanowavetech.com
Narda DBS Microwave www.dbsmw.com
Narda Microwave-East www.nardamicrowave.com/east
Narda Microwave-West www.nardamicrowave.com/west
Natel Engineering www.natelengr.com
National Communication Electronics Incorporated www.nationalcommunications.com
National Instruments Corporation www.ni.com
National Semiconductors Corporation www.national.com
NDK America www.ndk.com
Nearfield Systems Incorporated www.nearfield.com
NEC America/Electronics Corporation www.necam.com
NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices www.compoundsemi.com
NEC Microwave Tube Limited www.nec-mwt.com/index_e.html
Neltec Incorporated www.parkelectro.com
NEOS Technologies www.neostech.com
Netcom Incorporated www.netcominc.com
Network Sciences www.networksciences.com
Networks International Corporation www.nickc.com
New Japan Radio Company Limited www.njr.com
Newport Corporation www.newport.com
Newxtal Incorporated www.newxtal.com
Nextec Microwave & RF www.nextec-rf.com
Nexyn Corporation www.nexyn.com
NGK SPARK Plug Company Limited (NTK) www.ngksparkplugs.com
Nichicon www.nichicon-us.com
Nihon Dempa Kogyo Company Limited www.ndk.com/en
Nihon Kaiheiki Industries Company Limited www.nikkaiswitches.com
Nippon Chemi-Con www.chemi-con.co.jp/e/index.html
Nitsuki Limited www.nitsuki.com
Noisecom (Wireless Telecom Group Incorporated) www.noisecom.com
Noisewave Corporation www.noisewave.com
Nordic VLSI ASA www.nvlsi.no
Nova Engineering www.nova-eng.com
NOVA Microwave www.novamicro.com
Novacap www.novacap.com
Novatech Instruments Incorporated www.novatechsales.com
NTK Technical Ceramics www.ntktech.com
NTK Technologies Incorporated www.ntktech.com
Numa Technologies Incorporated www.peganet.net/numatech/indexnf.html
Nurad Technologies Incorporated www.nurad.com
NVE Corporation www.nve.com
NXi Communications Incorporated www.nxicom.com
NXP Semiconductors www.nxp.com
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OAK Frequency Control www.ofc.com
OHMITE Manufacturing Company www.ohmite.com
Okaya Electric Industries Company Limited www.okayaelec.co.jp/english
OKI Semiconductors Limited www.okisemi.com/jp
Oleson Microwave Laboratories www.oml-mmw.com
OMMIC www.ommic.com
Omniyig Incorporated www.omniyig.com
Omron Electronic Components www.components.omron.com
ONDAX www.ondax.com
On-Semiconductor www.onsemi.com
OPHIR RF www.ophirrf.com
Optek Technology Incorporated www.optekinc.com
OPTO DIOD Corporation www.optodiode.com
Optrex America www.optrex.com
Oren Semiconductor www.oren.com
Oscilent Corporation www.oscilent.com
Oscillatek www.otek.com
Oscilloquartz www.oscilloquartz.com
Osicom Technologies Incorporated (Meret Optical Communications) www.meretoptical.com
OSRAM www.osram.de/osram_de
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P/M Industries Incorporated www.pmindustriesinc.com
Pacific Microwave Corporation www.pacific-microwave.com
Pacific Monolithics www.pacmono.com
Pacific Wireless (Laird Technologies) www.pacwireless.com
Package Technologies Incorporated www.packagetech.com
Palomar Technologies www.bonders.com
Panasonic Corporation www.panasonic.com/industrial/electronic-components
Paradise Datacom LLC www.paradisedata.com
Paratek Microwave Incorporated www.paratek.com
Park Electrochemical Corporation (Nelco and Neltec) www.parkelectro.com
Park/Ntlco-Neltec www.parknelco.com
Parker Hannifin Corporation www.parker.com
Pascall Electronics Limited www.pascall.co.uk
Pasific Wireless a division of Cushcraft Corporation www.cushcraft.com
Pasternack Enterprises Incorporated www.pasternack.com
Payton Planar Magnetics Limited www.paytongroup.com
Peak Devices Incorporated(TriQuint Semiconductor Incorporated) www.triquint.com
PEI-Genesis www.peigenesis.com
PENTEK Incorporated www.pentek.com
Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation www.psemi.com
Pericon Semiconductor www.pericom.com
Perkiu Elmer Incorporated www.perkinelmer.com
Phase Matrix Incorporated www.phasematrix.com
Phase One Microwave Company www.phase1microwave.com
Philips www.semiconductors.philips.com
Philsar Semiconductor Incorporated www.philsar.com
PHOENIX Microwave Corporation (Spectrum Microwave Incorporated) www.spectrummicrowave.com
Phonon Corporation www.phonon.com
Phycomp www.phycomp-components.com
PHYCOMP HOLDING BV www.phycomp-components.com
Pico Electronics Incorporated www.picoelectronics.com
Piconics Incorporated www.piconics.com
PICOR picor.com
Picosecond Pulse Laboratories www.picosecond.com
Piezo Crystal Company www.piezo-crystal.com
Piezo Technology Incorporated www.piezotech.com
PiezoMotor Uppsala www.piezomotor.se
PITTMAN www.pittmannet.com
Planar Electronics Technology www.planarelectronicstechnology.com
Planar Filter Company www.planarfilter.com
Planar Monolithic Industries Incorporated www.pmi-rf.com
Pletronics Incorporated www.pletronics.com
Plexus Technology Group Incorporated www.plexus.com
PMC Sierra www.pmc-sierra.com
POINT NINE Technologies Incorporated www.rfmosfet.com
Polaron Components Limited www.coopercontrols.co.uk/components
Pole-Zero Corporation www.polezero.com
Poly Circuits www.mwav.com
Polyfet RF devices www.polyfet.com
Polyflon Company www.polyflon.com
Polyphase Microwave Incorporated www.polyphasemicrowave.com
Polyphaser Corporation (Protection Technology Group) www.protectiongroup.com/PolyPhaser
Polytron Devices Incorporated www.polytrondevices.com
Pomona www.pomonaelectronics.com
Portescap www.portescap.com
Poseidon Scientific Instruments Limited www.psi.com.au
Power Electronic Measurements www.pemuk.com
Power Integrations www.powerint.com
Powercube www.powercube.com
Power-One www.power-one.com
Powerwave Technologies www.powerwave.com
Pragmatic Instruments Incorporated www.pragmatic.com
Praxsym Incorporated www.praxsym.com
Precision Devices Incorporated www.predev.com
Precision Tube www.precisiontube.com
PREM Magnetics Incorporated www.premiermag.com
Premier Devices www.premierdevices.com
Premier Magnetics Incorporated www.premiermag.com
Presidio Components Incorporated www.presidiocomponents.com
Pressure Systems www.pressuresystems.com
Prewell www.prewell.co.kr
Princeton Electronic Systems Incorporated www.pesinc.com
Princeton Microwave Technology Incorporated www.princetonmicrowave.com
Programmed Test Sources Incorporated www.programmedtest.com
Proxim Wireless www.proxim.com
Pulsar Microwave Corporation www.pulsarmicrowave.com
Pulse. A Technitrol Company www.pulsespecialty.com
PureSource www.puresource.ca
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Q-bit Corporation www.q-bit.com
QRF (Quality RF Services Incorporated) www.qrf.com
Q-Tech Corporation www.q-tech.com
Qualcomm Incorporated www.qualcomm.com
Quality Microwave Interconnects Incorporated (QMI) www.QMIINC.com
Quality Semiconductors www.qualitysemi.com
Quartz Pro www.quartzpro.com
QuartzCom www.quartzcom.com
Quartzlock Limited www.quartzlock.com
QUATECH www.quatech.com
Quest Microwave Incorporated www.questmw.com
QuinStar Technology Incorporated www.quinstar.com
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R&K Company Limited www.rk-microwave.com
R.F. Technologies Incorporated www.rftechno.com
RAAD TECHNOLOGIES Incorporated www.raadtech.com
Radiall www.radiall.com
Radio Frequency Investigation Limited www.rfi-wireless.com
Radio Waves Incorporated www.radiowavesinc.com
Radiocrafts AS www.radiocrafts.com
RadioLabs International Incorporated www.radiolabs.com
Radiometrix Limited www.radiometrix.com
Radiotronix www.radiotronix.com
Raditek International Incorporated www.raditek.com
Radyne ComStream Company www.radynecomstream.com
Rakon Temex www.temex.com
Raltron Electronics Corporation www.raltron.com
Ramtron International www.ramtron.com
Raytek www.raytek.com
Raytheon Commercial Electronics www.raytheon.com
RCD Components Incorporated www.rcd-comp.com
Reactel Incorporated www.reactel.com
Reade Advanced Materials www.reade.com
Rechner sensors www.rechner.com
Red Barn Microwave www.rbarn.com
Reeves-Hoffman/CTS Reeves www.ctscorp.com
RelComm Technologies Incorporated www.relcommtech.com
Remec Magnum www.remec.com
Remtec Incorporated www.remtec.com
Renaissance Electronics Corporation www.rec-usa.com
Renco Electronics Incorporated www.rencousa.com
RES-NET Microwave Incorporated www.res-netmicrowave.com
RESOTECH Incorporated www.resotechinc.com
Reso-Tech Resonators www.reso-tech.us
Response Microwave Incorporated www.responsemicrowave.com
RF Comps www.rfcomps.com
RF Connectors (RF Industries) www.rfindustries.com
RF Gain www.rell.com
RF Magic Incorporated (Entropic Communications Incorporated) www.entropic.com
RF Micro Devices Incorporated www.rfmd.com
RF Monolithics Incorporated www.rfm.com
RF Morecom Corea www.rfmorecom.com
RF Neulink www.rfneulink.com
RF Nitro www.rfnitro.com
RF Prime www.rfprime.com
RF Products Incorporated www.rfproducts.com
RF Solutions Limited www.rfsolutions.co.uk
RFHIC www.rfhic.com
RFmicrotech www.rfmicrotech.com
RFOptic www.rfoptic.com
RF-Prime www.rfprime.com
RFX Limited www.rfx.co.uk
RH Laboratories Incorporated www.rh-labs.com
Rhopoint Components Limited www.rhopointcomponents.com
Rittel Electronics System www.rittal.com/products/electronic-packaging/index.html
RLC Electronics Incorporated www.rlcelectronics.com
Robinson Laboratories www.roblab.com
Rockwell Scientific www.rsc.rockwell.com
Rockwell Semiconductor Systems (Connexant) www.rockwell.com
Rodelco Electronics Corporation www.rodelco-usa.com
Rogers Corporation www.rogerscorp.com
ROHM Company Limited www.rohm.com
RTG Incorporated www.rtg.com
RTx Corporation (ECPlaza Network Incorporated) www.ecplaza.net
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S.G.McGeary Company www.sgmcgeary.com
Sabritec Engineered Interconnect Systems Solutions www.sabritec.com
Sage Laboratories Incorporated (Spectrum Microwave Incorporated) www.spectrummicrowave.com
Salisbary Engineering Incorporated (Spectrum Microwave Incorporated) www.spectrummicrowave.com
Samsung Electronics Company Limited www.samsungsemi.com
San-Tron Incorporated www.santron.com
SANYO Semiconductors Company Limited www.semicon.sanyo.com/en
SARANTEL www.sarantel.com
Sarnoff Corporations www.sarnoff.com
Saronix (Pericom) www.pericom.com
SatCon Electronics (Spectrum Microwave Corporation) www.spectrummicrowave.com
Satel OY www.satel.fi
Satellink Incorporated www.satellink.com
SAWNICS Incorporated www.sawnics.com
Sawtek Incorporated www.sawtek.com
SCHMIDT Feintechnik GmbH www.schmidttechnology.de
Schurter Electronic Components www.schurter.com
SCITEQ Communications(Meret Optical Communications) www.osicom.com
SDP Components Incorporated www.sdp.ca
Seavey Engineering Associates Incorporated www.seaveyantenna.com
Sector Microwave Industries www.sectormicrowave.com
SEI Stackpole Electronics Incorporated www.seielect.com
Seico Epson Corporation www.global.epson.com
Seiko Instruments GmbH www.seiko-instruments.de
Sematron Group (ELMACOM) www.elmacom.com
Semco RF Products www.semco-usa.com
Semelab www.semelab.com
Semtech Corporation www.semtech.com
Sen Sym. www.semsyn.com
SENSIRION www.sensirion.com/sampling
Sensor Technology Limited www.sensortech.ca
Sensortechnics www.sensortechnics.com
Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH www.sensor-technik.de
SENSOTEC www.sensotec.be
Sequoia Technology Nordic www.sequoia.co.uk
SGC Technology Incorporated www.sgctech.co.kr
SGMC Microwave www.sgmcmicrowave.com
SGS-Thompson Microelectronics www.st.com
SHF Communication Technologies AG www.shf.biz
Shindengen America Incorporated www.shindengen.com
SHOCKWATCH www.shockwath.com
Shoulder Electronics Limited www.china-shoulder.com
Siemens Matsushita Components www.siemens.de
Siemens Semiconductor www.sci.siemens.com
Sierra Microwave Technology www.sierramicrowave.com
SiGE Microsystems www.sigem.ca
Sige Semiconductor (Skyworks Solutions Incorporated) www.skyworksinc.com
Sigma SystemsCorporation www.sigmasystems.com
Signal Processing Technologies Incorporated www.spt.com
Signal Technology-Arizona Operation www.sigtech.com/arizona
Signal Technology-Olektron Operation (Crane Aerospace & Electronics) www.craneae.com
Signatec Incorporated www.signatec.com
Silicon Laboratories Incorporated www.silabs.com
Silicon Rectifier -
Silicon Storage Technology Incorporated www.sst.com
Siliconix(Vishay Intertechnology) www.siliconix.com
Sipex Corporation www.sipex.com
Sirenza Microdevices (RF Micro Devices Incorporated) www.rfmd.com
SIRIFIC (Nvidia Icera) www.nvidia.com
SiTime Corporation www.sitime.com
Sivers Ima www.siversima.se
Siward Crystal Technology Company Limited www.siward.com.tw/en
SkyCross www.skycross.com
Skynet USA www.skynetusa.com
Skyworks Solutions Incorporated www.skyworksinc.com
SM Electronics (Fairview Microwave Incorporated) www.fairviewmicrowave.com
Solartron Metrology www.solartronmetrology.com
Sonitron www.sonitron.be
SONNET www.sonnetusa.com
Sonoma ScientificIncorporated www.sonomascientific.com
Sony Semiconductor www.sony.co.jp
Sophia Wireless www.sophiawireless.com
SOR Incorporated www.sorinc.com
Sorensen www.sorenson.com
Soshin Electric Company www.soshin.co.jp
Source The Engineer (Electronics talk) source.theengineer.co.uk
South West Microwave Incorporated www.southwestmicrowave.com
Southern Microwave Incorporated www.southernmw.com
SPA Ferrite Domain www.ferrite-domen.com
Spacek Laboratories Incorporated www.spaceklabs.com
Special Electronic www.special.de
Special Hermetic Products Incorporated www.shp-seals.com
Spectrum Control Incorporated www.spectrumcontrol.com
Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH www.spectrum-et.org
Spectrum FSY Microwave www.specwave.com
Spectrum Microwave Incorporated www.spectrummicrowave.com
Spectrum Signal ProcessingIncorporated www.spectrumsignal.com
Spinnaker Microwave Incorporated www.spinnakermicrowave.com
Spinner GmbH www.spinner-group.com
SPIREA AB www.spirea.com
SPIRENT www.spirentcom.com
Sprague-Goodman Electronics Incorporated www.spraguegoodman.com
SRC Cable Incorporated www.src-cables.com
SRT Resistor Technology www.srt-restech.de
SSB Technologies Incorporated (SSB BART Group) www.ssbbartgroup.com
SSI Cable Corporation www.ssicable.com
SSPA Microwave Corporation www.silkview.com
ST Microelectronics www.st.com
Stackpole Electronics Incorporated (SEI) www.seielect.com
Standex Electronics www.standexelectronics.com
Stanford Research Systems Incorporated www.thinksrs.com
Stanford Telecom www.stanfordtelecom.com
Stanford Telecom. Telecom Products (Alcatel – Lucent) www.alcatel-lucent.com
Star Micronics Company Limited www.star-m.jp/eng
State of the Art Incorporated www.resistor.com
STATEK www.statek.com
STC Microwave Systems-Olektron (Crane Aerospace & Electronics) www.craneae.com
Stealth Microwave Incorporated www.stealthmicrowave.com
Stellar Technology Incorporated www.stellartech.com
Stellex Microwave Incorporated (M/A-COM Technology Solution) www.macomtech.com
Storm www.stormproducts.com
StratEdge www.stratedge.com
Sumitomo Electric www.global-sei.com
SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Industries Limited www.sei.co.jp
SUMITOMO ELECTRIC U.S.A. Incorporated www.sawdevice.com
SUN MOON Electronics www.sunmoon.us
SunriseTek www.sunrisetek.com
Sunwave Technology Company Limited www.sunwave.co.kr
Superconductor Technologies www.suptech.com
SV Microwave www.svmicrowave.com
SyChip Incorporated www.sychip.com
Syfer Technology Limited www.syfer.com
Symmetricom Incorporated www.symmetricom.com
Synergy Microwave Corporation www.synergymwave.com
Syntech Microwave Incorporated www.syntechmicrowave.com
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T&C Power Conversion Incorporated www.tcpowerconversion.com
Taconic www.taconic-add.com
TA-I Technology Company Limited www.tai.com.tw
TAITIEN Electronics Company Limited www.taitien.com
Taiyo Yuden Incorporated www.t-yuden.com
TALITY www.tality.com
Talley Communications Corporation www.talleycom.com
Tampa Microwave www.tampamicrowave.com
Taylor Microwave Incorporated www.taylormw.com
TDK Semiconductor www.tdksemiconductor.com
Teccor Electronics Incorporated www.teccor.com
Tecdia Incorporated www.tecdia.com
Tech Expo www.techexpo.com
Tech-Etch www.tech-etch.com
Technical Research and Manufactoring Incorporated trmmicrowave.com
Technical Service Laboratory Incorporated www.tslinc.com
Technologies Incorporated Advision of Chelton Microwave(Chelton Microwave) www.cheltoniws.com
Techtrol Cyclonetics Incorporated www.tci-ant.com
Tecsis www.tecsis.de
Tekelec Temex (Rakon Temex) www.temex.com
Tekscan Incorporated www.tekscan.com
Tektronix Component Solutions www.component-solutions.tek.com
Tel GaAs Incorporated www.telgaas.com
Telaxis Communication Corporation www.telaxis.com
Telcom Semiconductor Incorporated www.telcom-semi.com
TELE FILTER (Vectron International) www.telefilter.com
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Wireless Standards
Standard Frequency Bands
Data Rate
(air interface)
Access Modulation Nb. of
No. of
AMPS 824–849
10 kbps FDD FM 1 832 30 kHz
48 kbps TDMA/FDD DQPSK 3 832 30 kHz
IS–95 824–849
1.2288 Mbps DS–CDMA QPSK
256 1 1.25 MHz
GSM 890–915
270 kbps FDMA/TDMA
GMSK 8 124 200 kHz
PDC 810–826
42 kbps TDMA DQPSK 3 640 25 kHz
DECT 1880–1930 1.152 Mbps TDMA/TDD GFSK 12 10 1.728 MHz
PHS 1895–1918.1 384 kbps TDMA/TDD DQPSK 4 77 300 kHz
Bluetooth 2400–2483.5 1 Mbps FH–CDMA
GFSK 79 79 1 MHz

2110– 2200
3.84 Mbps DS–CDMA QPSK 4...256 1 5 MHz
CDMA–2000 422.5–457.475
1.2288 Mbps
3.6864 Mbps
1.25 MHz
16/64 QAM
12 52 20 MHz
2400–2484 11 Mbps DS–CDMA CCK 13 13 5 MHz
2400–2497 54 Mbps OFDM BPSK/QPSK
12 52 30 MHz
Hiperlan 2 5150–5350
16/64 QAM
5 52 20 MHz
20 kbps
40 kbps
250 kbps
2 MHz
5 MHz
UWB 3100–10600 480 Mbps OFDM QPSK 255 3 528 MHz
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Radio Bands
ITU Standards
VLF 3–30 kHz 10–100 km
LF 30–300 kHz 1–10 km
MF 300–3000 kHz 100–1000 km
HF 3–30 MHz 10–100 m
VHF 30–300 MHz 1–10 m
UHF 300–3000 MHz 10–100 cm
SHF 3–30 GHz 1–10 cm
EHF 30–300 GHz 1–10 mm
IEEE Standards
HF 3–30 MHz
VHF 30–300 MHz
UHF 300–1000 MHz
L 1–2 GHz
S 2–4 GHz
C 4–8 GHz
X 8–12 GHz
Ku 12–18 GHz
K 18–27 GHz
Ka 27–40 GHz
V 40–75 GHz
W 75–110 GHz
mm 110–300 GHz
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Relationship between Return Loss and SWR
46 1.01
40 1.02
37 1.03
34 1.04
32 1.05
30.4 1.06
29 1.07
28 1.08
27 1.09
26.4 1.1
26 1.11
25 1.12
24 1.13
23.5 1.14
23 1.15
22 1.17
21.5 1.18
20.7 1.2
20 1.22
19 1.25
17.7 1.3
17 1.33
16 1.38
15 1.43
14 1.5
13 1.58
12 1.67
11 1.78
10 1.92
9 2.1
8 2.32
7 2.61
6 3.01
5 3.57
4 4.42
3 5.85
2 8.72
1 17.4
0.5 34.78
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Relationship between dBm, V and W
< 1 μW
dBm mV
-31 6.25
-32 5.8
-33 5
-34 4.5
-35 4
-36 3.5
-37 3.2
-38 2.85
-39 2.5
-40 2.25
-41 2
-42 1.8
-43 1.6
-44 1.4
-45 1.25
-46 1.18
-47 1
-48 0.9
-49 0.8
-50 0.71
-51 0.64
-52 0.57
-53 0.5
-54 0.45
-55 0.4
-56 0.351
-57 0.32
-58 0.286
-59 0.251
-60 0.225
-61 0.2
-62 0.18
-63 0.16
-64 0.141
-65 0.128
-66 0.115
-67 0.1
-68 0.09
-69 0.08
-70 0.071
-71 0.065
-72 0.058
-73 0.05
-74 0.045
-75 0.04
-76 0.035
-77 0.032
-78 0.029
-79 0.025
1 μW … 0.1 W
dBm V mW
19 2 80
18 1.8 64
17 1.6 50
16 1.41 40
15 1.25 32
14 1.15 25
13 1 20
12 0.9 16
11 0.8 12.5
10 0.71 10
9 0.64 8
8 0.58 6.4
7 0.5 5
6 0.445 4
5 0.4 3.2
4 0.355 2.5
3 0.32 2
2 0.28 1.6
1 0.252 1.25
0 0.225 1
-1 0.2 0.8
-2 0.18 0.64
-3 0.16 0.5
-4 0.141 0.4
-5 0.125 0.32
-6 0.115 0.25
-7 0.1 0.2
-8 0.09 0.16
-9 0.08 0.125
-10 0.071 0.1
-11 0.064  
-12 0.058  
-13 0.05  
-14 0.045  
-15 0.04  
-16 0.0355  
-17 0.0315  
-18 0.0285  
-19 0.0251  
-20 0.0225 0.01
-21 0.02  
-22 0.0179  
-23 0.0159  
-24 0.0141  
-25 0.0128  
-26 0.0115  
-27 0.01  
-28 0.0089  
-29 0.008  
-30 0.0071 0.001
> 0.1 W
dBm V W
53 100 200
50 70.7 100
49 64 80
48 58 64
47 50 50
46 44.5 40
45 40 32
44 32.5 25
43 32 20
42 28 16
41 26.2 12.5
40 22.5 10
39 20 8
38 18 6.4
37 16 5
36 14.1 4
35 12.5 3.2
34 11.5 2.5
33 10 2
32 9 1.6
31 8 1.25
30 7.1 1
29 6.4 0.8
28 5.8 0.64
27 5 0.5
26 4.45 0.4
25 4 0.32
24 3.55 0.25
23 3.2 0.2
22 2.8 0.16
21 2.52 0.125
20 2.25 0.1
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Resistance Values for T- and π-type Attenuators (50 Ohm Circuit)



2 624.0 0.7
4 310.5 1.4
6 205.3 2.1
8 152.3 2.8
10 120.0 3.5
12 98.2 4.3
14 82.3 5.0
16 70.1 5.8
18 60.4 6.5
20 52.5 7.4
22 45.8 8.2
24 40.1 9.1
26 35.1 10.0
28 30.6 11.0
30 26.7 12.0
32 23.1 13.2
34 19.8 14.4
36 16.7 15.8
38 13.9 17.3
40 11.3 19.1
42 8.8 21.2
44 6.4 23.9
46 4.2 27.6
48 2.0 33.8



60 272.73 20.83
70 145.83 15.56
80 102.56 12.74
90 80.36 10.88
100 66.67 9.54
110 57.29 8.52
120 50.42 7.71
130 45.14 7.04
140 40.94 6.49
150 37.50 6.02
160 34.63 5.62
170 32.20 5.26
180 30.10 4.96
190 28.27 4.68
200 26.67 4.44
210 25.24 4.22
220 23.97 4.02
230 22.82 3.84
240 21.78 3.67
250 20.83 3.52
260 19.97 3.38
270 19.18 3.25
280 18.45 3.14
290 17.77 3.03
300 17.14 2.92
310 16.56 2.83
320 16.02 2.74
330 15.51 2.65
340 15.03 2.57
350 14.58 2.50
360 14.16 2.43
370 13.76 2.36



380 13.39 2.30
390 13.03 2.24
400 12.70 2.18
410 12.38 2.13
420 12.08 2.08
430 11.79 2.03
440 11.51 1.98
450 11.25 1.94
460 11.00 1.90
470 10.76 1.86
480 10.53 1.82
490 10.31 1.78
500 10.10 1.74
510 9.90 1.71
520 9.71 1.68
530 9.52 1.64
540 9.34 1.61
550 9.17 1.58
560 9.00 1.56
570 8.84 1.53
580 8.69 1.50
590 8.54 1.48
600 8.39 1.45
610 8.25 1.43
620 8.12 1.40
630 7.99 1.38
640 7.86 1.36
650 7.74 1.34
660 7.62 1.32
670 7.50 1.30
680 7.39 1.28
690 7.28 1.26



700 7.18 1.24
710 7.08 1.23
720 6.98 1.21
730 6.88 1.19
740 6.79 1.18
750 6.70 1.16
760 6.61 1.14
770 6.52 1.13
780 6.44 1.12
790 6.35 1.10
800 6.27 1.09
810 6.20 1.07
820 6.12 1.06
830 6.05 1.05
840 5.97 1.04
850 5.90 1.02
860 5.83 1.01
870 5.77 1.00
880 5.70 0.99
890 5.64 0.98
900 5.57 0.97
910 5.51 0.96
920 5.45 0.95
930 5.39 0.93
940 5.33 0.92
950 5.28 0.92
960 5.22 0.91
970 5.17 0.90
980 5.12 0.89
990 5.06 0.88
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